Certification Course

Join our team of certified coaching professionals and become a Certified Wooden Way Coach!

As a Certified Wooden Way Coach, you will:

  • Transform your thinking guided by the wisdom, character and principles of America's greatest coach and teacher.
  • Refine your coaching philosophy, approach and methodology.
  • Employ a powerful 5-part process for becoming a great coach:
    • How you think
    • The example you set
    • How you teach
    • How you lead
    • How you mentor  
  • Become equipped to employ a very robust set of tools, implementation strategy, and program delivery methodology.
  • Build your coaching, training and speaking practice.


"The recent 14-week course involving the life and leadership of John Wooden has exceeded my expectations. Going into the course, I anticipated learning about what it took to win multiple national championships in NCAA basketball and was hopeful that there would be some carry- over to leadership attributes that would impact the “real” world. My hope was that there would be enough carry-over material that I would be able to incorporate into my previous leadership learnings. What in fact has happened is that the teachings of John Wooden now form the basis for a leadership philosophy in which my previous learnings can be incorporated."

- Dr. Tom Trigg, Certified Coach 


The John Wooden Way prescription for professional coaching certification includes:

  • 16-week virtual coaching process. Can either be completed with weekly virtual coaching, or can be completed in 8 weeks with twice weekly virtual coaching. 
  • Completion, evaluation and coaching on your Personal Success Assessment
  • 30-day playbook application of your Personal Assessment results
  • Completion of 4 Course Coaching Success series including:
    • Foundations & Fundamentals
    • The Pyramid of Success
    • Head Coach
    • Extraordinary Teams
  • Learning and coaching sessions utilizing interactive discussions, application exercises, PowerPoint slides and videos.
  • Presentations and interviews with Coach Wooden.
  • Summary activities, content reviews and testing.
  • Practice presentations and coaching role plays.

Certification coaching sessions are conducted by Lynn Guerin CEO-Founder of the John R Wooden Course who partnered with and was mentored by Coach Wooden personally for over 15 years . Mr. Guerin continues to serve the Wooden family Legacy teaching what made Coach Wooden such a remarkable coach and teacher and an even better person.  Teaching life lessons that are more important and more needed now than ever.

This Certification experience can be done as an individual or with a small group.

Certification fees include all online coaching hours needed to complete the certification experience, and all needed materials.

Individual fees as a series of 16 private coaching sessions are $7650 per person ($7200 for coaching sessions, $450 for tools and materials). Fees are payable online at the time of agreement and can be paid in 4 payments over the 16-week period. Discounts are available for multiple people completing the coaching sessions together.

Schedules are planned at the beginning of the certification process but can be adjusted as needed.

"Taking the Wooden Way Coaching Program has been a transformative journey that has significantly impacted various aspects of my life. This program has served as a compass, directing me towards a path where success is not just measured by external achievements but by the genuine satisfication drevied from living a purposeful life. Through my self-discovery, Wooden's philosophy encouraged me to look deeper within myself to find the strength and resilience needed to overcome any obstacles that may come by way.

Overall, this program has been instrumental in enhancing my life through the timeless wisdom it imparts, creating a ripple effect of positive change and personal development "

- Erica Anderson