Certification Course

Join our team of certified coaching professionals and become a Certified Wooden Way Coach!

As a Certified Wooden Way Coach, you will:

  • Transform your thinking guided by the wisdom, character and principles of America's greatest coach and teacher.
  • Refine your coaching philosophy, approach and methodology.
  • Employ a powerful 5-part process for becoming a great coach:
    • How you think
    • The example you set
    • How you teach
    • How you lead
    • How you mentor  
  • Become equipped to employ a very robust set of tools, implementation strategy, and program delivery methodology.
  • Build your coaching, training and speaking practice.

The John Wooden Way prescription for professional coaching certification includes:

  • 13-week virtual coaching process
  • Completion, evaluation and coaching on your Personal Success Assessment
  • 30-day playbook application of your Personal Assessment results
  • Completion of 4 Course Coaching Success series including:
    • Foundations & Fundamentals
    • The Pyramid of Success
    • Head Coach
    • Extraordinary Teams
  • Learning and coaching sessions utilizing interactive discussions, application exercises, PowerPoint slides and videos.
  • Presentations and interviews with Coach Wooden.
  • Summary activities, content reviews and testing.
  • Practice presentations and coaching role plays.

This Cetification experience can be done as an individual or with a small group.

Certification fees include all online coaching hours needed to complete the certification experience, and all needed downloadable materials.

Individual fees are $5850 plus materials. Fees are payable online at the time of agreement and can be paid in 3 payments over the 13-week period. 

Schedules are planned at the beginning of the certification process but can be adjusted as needed.