The John Wooden Way

The John Wooden Way simply stated is this:

A path to realizing your full potential-making the maximum effort to become your best, while helping, serving and coaching others to become their best.

On the path, we are guided by:

  • A Set of Core Values: Foundations and fundamentals for life and work
  • The Pyramid of Success: A complete model for the day to day behavior that creates character, competence, consideration, and extraordinary performance
  • A Coaching Model: First for yourself and then others
  • Action: Five complete sets of actions that direct and improve:
    1. How you think
    2. The example you set
    3. How you teach
    4. How you lead
    5. How you mentor

The Wooden Way is a path where excellence is the standard and perfection is the destination.

The Wooden Way Organizational Excellence diagram illustrates how it all comes together for individuals, leaders, teams and organizations.