The John Wooden Way

The John Wooden Way simply stated is this:

A path to realizing your full potential-making the maximum effort to become your best, while helping, serving and coaching others to become their best.

On the path, we are guided by:

  • A Set of Core Values: Foundations and fundamentals for life and work
  • The Pyramid of Success: A complete model for the day to day behavior that creates character, competence, consideration, and extraordinary performance
  • A Coaching Model: First for yourself and then others
  • Action: Five complete sets of actions that direct and improve:
    1. How you think
    2. The example you set
    3. How you teach
    4. How you lead
    5. How you mentor

Book Cover of Coach em way Up

A person who sees and believes in who you are, and where you are, who you can be and where you may go. They invest their desire, time, energy, knowledge, skills, abilities and faith, to help you become all you can be, and help you help others to become their best.

-Definition of a Coach - Coach Lynn Guerin


The Wooden Way is a path where excellence is the standard and perfection is the destination.

The Wooden Way Organizational Excellence diagram illustrates how it all comes together for individuals, leaders, teams and organizations.

Wooden Way Pyramid of Success