Robert Weltz

North Carolina

Certified Coach Robert Weltz

Favorite Wooden Maxim

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is who you really are, while your reputation is merely what others perceive you to be."

Rob Weltz is in his twenty-first year in independent school education, currently serving in the role of Director of Athletics at Saint Mary’s School.

Rob holds his Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Vermont and his Master of Education from Springfield College. Rob is currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, pursuing his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Administration.

Rob works closely with other schools and organizations in his role as owner of Integrity Athletic Consultants, where he helps evaluate, assist, and guides athletic programs that best serve the mission of their schools. In addition, Rob is one of eight Certified Wooden Way Coaches (CWWC) in the nation that helps bring a culture of competitive greatness to schools and organizations.

Rob is an avid hiker and enjoys scuba diving and kayaking. Physical and mental wellness help provide balance in his life.

Areas of Expertise

As a Coach

During his time in education, Rob has been a transformational leader who ignites change and growth to help create a culture of collaboration and comradery. His Clifton strengths include responsibility, futuristic, relator, self-assurance, and competition.

Throughout his twenty-one years as a Director of Athletics, he has served as a mentor to faculty, student-athletes, coaches, and parents. He has developed and built athletic programs that provide a clear vision for excellence and that are mission-aligned. Rob has shared his passion and talents with the community through serving on the Executive Committee of the Georgia High School Association for nine years and being President of two athletic conferences for eleven years. He was inducted into the Wall of Fame as a Director of Athletics at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School.

Work with Robert

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